Kendall Databases of interest to those researching the descendants of Francis Kendall who emigrated from England and was first identified in this country in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1640.

These records have been made available by Kevin L. Martin as Adobe Acrobat® downloading .PDFs. Records are cross-platform (Mac/ PC) and are viewable, searchable, and printable using Adobe Acrobat Reader® (download Mac or Windows free version).

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The Will of Francis Kendall
Transcription of Francis Kendall's will; a 1638 map of Woburn

Maine Vital Records
Kendall births, deaths, and marriages. Searchable by county and town.

Massachusetts Vital Records
Kendall births, deaths, and marriages. Searchable by county and town.

Ancestry of Charles E. Kendall
Line moves from Woburn Dunstable, MA Vermont Quebec Vancouver. Lineage:1) Francis; 2) Jacob; 3) John; 4) Temple; 5) Nathaniel; 6) Isaac Newton; 7) Oren T.; 8) Dennis Leman; 9) Charles Edmund

Civil War Kendalls
Kendalls (various spellings) who participated in the Civil War; abstracted from the U.S. National Archives. Union, roll RG94; Confederate, rolls RG109 and M253. Searchable by state, surname, and given name.

Illinois Public Land Sales 1817-1872
Contains the names of Kendalls who purchased public domain land in Illinois between 1817 and 1872 with date of sale. Searchable by given name, date, or county.

LDS Library Card Abstracts
Abstracted from the Church of Latter-Day Saints Library card catalog, Salt Lake City, UT. Contains only those documents for Kendall and not variant spellings such as Kindell, Candale, etc.

Miami Valley Kendalls 1812-1978
Miami Valley, Ohio, Marriages and Deaths, in various county, state, and federal records. Abstracted from a database of 500,000+ names available from the Preble County, Ohio Library. Searchable by name, date, or county.

Wisconsin Kendall + Public Domain Land 1836-1885
Contains names of Kendalls (all spellings) abstracted from pre-1908 Homestead & Cash Entry Patents from BLM's General Land Office Automated Records Project database. Searchable by given name, date, or county.

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